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Drivers of Change / Investing in the Future: Business Award Winner for 2014

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This year’s annual Drivers of Change/Investing in the Future Awards sponsored jointly by Southern Africa Trust with Mail and Guardian was hosted on 28th October 2014. It was an absolute privilege to be among a group of people who care […]

moWoza wins ETA prize

moWoza wins ETA Prize (funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) for our work in developing an innovative mobile payment solution. Read more here

DFID Professional Development Week

On the 22nd September 2014 Mowoza contributed towards a DFID professional development workshop that was hosted by DFID in Maputo. With one hundred technical advisors gathered in a single venue, it was the perfect opportunity to discuss informal cross-border trade. We […]

Mobile Surveying Assignment for the World Bank

During July and August we conducted a mobile questionnaire to understand under what conditions informal cross-border traders conduct their businesses. The results, which we delivered to the World Bank, highlighted the need for customs reform and capacity building. The questionnaire […]

McKinsey ‘Lions Go Digital’ Report recognises moWoza

McKinsey Global Institute Lions go Digital: The internet’s transformative potential in Africa highlights moWoza’s contribution towards innovation and entrepreneurship in Mozambique. To read more go here

UN awards innovative green prizes: moWoza

moWoza attended the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at the Green Economy Symposium in Nairobi, Kenya – See more here

2013 Meffys Winner: Innovation in a Growth Market

Ashish Aggarwal attended Meffys 2013 in San Fransisco. More about the event and prize here

moWoza: an Echoing Green Finalist (2013)

moWoza: an Echoing Green 2013 Finalist. Read more here

moWoza selected as a 2013 Masschallenge finalist

moWoza – a Masschallenge Finalist. Read more here

Intra-African trade

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The creation of a free-trade area that boosts Intra-African trade is being proposed by both the African Union and the World Bank as a key driver for economic growth on the African continent. The World Bank reports that African nations are losing out on billions of dollars of potential trade earnings because of trade barriers among neighbouring countries and onerous shortcomings rooted in the continent’s history. However, cross-border trade on a micro and informal level has been taking place for decades. It sustains many livelihoods, creates millions of informal jobs and provides an access point to cheaper and essential goods.