What is moWoza

moWoza is an inclusive business

moWoza offers a quick, effortless and seamless inventory processing experience for cross-border traders in developing countries.

What is moWoza?long and costly journeys; stopping back door payments to corrupt custom officials; expediting delivery of goods while providing affordable quality products.

How it Works

The first step is for a potential customer to register with moWoza via one of our agents.

  1. Order, and Pay
    Customers place their orders using their mobile phone and the transaction can be paid simultaneously via mobile payments. We offer several ordering and delivery options.
  2. Drop off Points
    moWoza drops off the orders in secure areas which can be easily accessed.
  3. Repeat
    Our agents work with the customer to determine what products and services they want and will assist in making repeat purchases.

moWoza enables cross-border traders to order goods ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Always’

To learn about moWoza, contact us.